Consulting Services

We grow your business by using our technology and corporate finance services to solve your real-world business problems. We do so by listening, analyzing and discovering the root causes to problems slowing your growth, and then apply our several years of expertise to solve them with state of the art solutions.  Whether its increasing sales, productivity or reducing cost of goods, we help you get to root of the problem, solve it and we stay with you as you see visible results.


Most businesses come to solution providers with the solution instead of a problem statement. Their prior business experience coupled with a pulse on market undercurrent leads them to think in terms of “ideas” and “solutions” whereas solution providers are out of touch with the purpose and context for the solution itself. Most offshore solution providers employ a business analyst to merely clarify the solution requirements. However, by the time the solution is created and launched, the client is disillusioned about the solution’s impact in the market, and the solution providers cannot help either. At Insight, we try to understand the influencing factors for success or the problem that the solution is expected to solve and ensure you have a handle on whether you get the value that you anticipate.


Our  services use Cloud, Mobile, Analytics and Emerging Technologies to open new doors of opportunity.


Harness the power of the cloud

Insight helps organizations transform their IT environment with best-in-class Cloud Services. We assist customers with our cloud offerings based on their business needs. By enabling organizations for cloud adoption, we help them become more agile and responsive to the changing market landscape, thus supporting them in right decision-making and maximizing their Return on Investment (ROI). Our cloud consulting framework addresses all customer challenges pertaining to a seamless transition to the cloud.


Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development

Insight Consultants holds the prestigious Gold Partnership status from Microsoft Corp.  We are a member of a select club of companies with this status, demonstrating that, in addition to having the right technology, we have the know-how, vision and strategy required to be able to offer Microsoft cloud services to our customers.


Gold Partnership status also confirms the level of professionalism and reliability of the company. This is as Microsoft has confirmed that the prestigious Gold Competency level is only issued to highly capable and qualified partners who have demonstrated their competence by fully utilizing the Windows Azure Platform, Microsoft Servers, Windows 10 OS, Visual Studio Development tools, and latest Cloud capabilities for the benefit of their clients.


Areas of Expertise

  • Cloud Hosting Solutions
  • Cloud Friendly Application Development
  • Innovative Platform Solutions
  • Cloud Backup Solutions


Technology Stack

  • Openstack
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon web-services
  • Google Cloud


Our Difference

  • We realize client’s objectives and long-term vision to get you to the most suitable strategy for cloud transition
  • We follow a structured approach to establish our client’s business needs, assess the underlying technology components like infrastructure, application, processes, policies etc and then deploy the appropriate cloud computing components
  • Industry-specific know-how and years of experience mean that our experts are in the perfect position to tailor PaaS and SaaS solutions to your individual business model, making sure that our solutions provide the best possible fit for the requirements of your sector.

Mobilizing your business mobility

Enterprise Mobility is one of the most significant IT shift ever. The giant leap in the mobile technology and its associated applications indeed transformed our lives. Accessibility of all manners of smart products and services is now possible with just a click via advanced mobile technology. At Insight, we integrate mobility services with business process to deliver engaging, easy-to-use mobile solutions.


Our Expertise

  • Mobile Website Design Services
  • Mobile Application Design Development & Testing
  • API & Framework Integration
  • Manual & Automation Testing
  • End-to-End Security



  • Ios
  • Android
  • Windows


  • Xamarin
  • React Native
  • Ionic


Our Difference

  • We will analyse competitors to come up with the appropriate solution
  • Give priority for designing and creating the finest user interface and experience design
  • We deliver unique mobile solutions with innovative use of web, mobile, cloud and other emerging technologies.

Turn Insights into Actions  

Insight Consultants Business Analytics & Intelligence services help to discover the hidden business trends that improve the data-based business decision making. As a BI consulting firm, our solutions help you to make insightful business decisions and execute them perfectly. We integrate the client’s internal data points with external environment factors and apply advanced analytics science to these data to help identify the most viable directions in which your business can grow.  Our company’s business intelligence services provide a foundation to help you take bold decisions in the favor and growth of the business. Our Business Analytics offerings helps customer to meet the demands of today and plan for tomorrow and quickly realize tangible business benefits.


Areas of expertise

  • BI consulting
  • BI Dashboard Services
  • Performance Metrics and Advanced Analytics
  • Descriptive & Predictive Statistics
  • Architecture Design & Development
  • Dashboard, Interactive Visualizations, Reports and Alerts
  • Data warehousing & Data Integration
  • Migration Services
  • Consulting & Roadmap
  • Statistical  Analysis


    • Microsoft Power BI
    • Google Datastudio

Our Difference

  • Our approach is, whether your company needs the solution to a specific problem or is seeking the channels to growth opportunities, we will first assess the current state of your business to customize our help for optimal results.
  • We help them gather and analyse data to create the best strategies; orchestrate sales and marketing activities to increase demand efficiently; and change quickly to become more competitive.
  • We will walk along with the client monitoring progress until they see visible results.

Emerging technologies to reshape the business for the digital age  

Today’s businesses are innovating across business models, products, services and customer engagement while disrupting markets and entire industries. Much of this innovation is driven by applying emerging technologies throughout the value chain. We, at Insight, keep track of latest technology trends and think about about how we can leverage these technologies to reach our target audience in new ways. We consider it our mission to make emerging technologies feel real to our clients.


Insight Consultants recognizes that today’s business face increasingly complex demands and challenges in becoming the strategic technology partner their businesses require. Our experienced tech team will help our clients harness technology disruption, and more effectively manage technology resources to drive agile, improved business performance, enhance strategic position, and improve the strategic value of their technology investments.

Insight has been at the forefront of reinventing itself for the new technological era, one that is defined by Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things and more. We  are uniquely positioned to help clients as they look to leverage data and AI to become smarter businesses.

When do you opt our Business Research services?

      • When your gut tells you to go after a golden opportunity


      • Before you start doing your requirement analysis


      • When you’re faced with a complex business problem that you’re unable to get around


    • When your business data needs a well-rounded analysis


  • When you have thought of a solution idea that you need to validate


    • When you need to get the outside-in perspective


  • When you need help with your “elevator pitch” with potential investors

At Insight Consultants we recommend an alternate business analysis approach for our clients – something that helps you MAXIMIZE your opportunity, minimize your risks and achieve your business objectives.