Technology Services

Adopting the right technology practices have always been the key of our success. Insight Consultant’s business strategy builds on our expertise in consulting, technology and in-depth understanding of industry segments to create sustainable value for our customers. However, organizations have continuously failed to understand the implications and efficient use of technology. We help  those organizations overcome such myopic practices, identify new business and technology trends and develop solutions to; Increase revenue, Improve operational performance, and sustain competitive advantage.


Our technology services provide guidance on how to use information technology (IT) as a tool to facilitate business change, transformation and growth.


In short, we think and act on behalf of your business.


Having helped hundreds of clients over the past decade to go digital, we at Insight Consultants recommend a unique business research process that gets you  to the root of the problem before conceptualizing the solution mix. This helps you maximize opportunity, minimize risks and achieve business objectives.


We have defined a process for requirement capture where requirements of the clients are gathered based on information provided by the client in the form of documents, existing systems & process specs, on-site analysis interviews with stake holders, market research and competitor analysis.


We do this in the context of a detailed study of your market, your industry, your business and your competition.


Once the analysis is completed, we will detail out the specification of the platform or software that needs to be built by way of prototypes. We ensure that all ambiguities are cleared before embarking on solution-finding. Once we understand the core reason, with its drivers and context, we then architect and prototype the solutions so that the client can see how the software will look and behave.

Insight Consultants partner with you to understand both your near- and long-term business objectives.

Balancing our technical expertise with an in-depth understanding of the needs and constraints of your business, we create roadmaps that rapidly meet immediate needs while paving the way for the future. We do this using our deep architectural experience across a wide breadth of technologies and business domains.


The application design is developed based on the Software Requirement Specification, Use Case Specification, Business Rules & Diagrams and the scope agreed upon in the Requirement Definition stage.


We follow different steps like:


  • Designing Architectural Diagrams
  • Creation of High Level Design and Low Level Design class diagrams
  • Establishment of Entity Relationship Diagram, Data Flow Diagram and Deployment Diagrams
  • User Interface – The prototype will be developed and validated against the requirement and presented to the client for approval
  • The use cases elaborated in the analysis model will  be represented using collaboration diagrams
  • Design model elaborations are made from the analysis model. Validation of the scope, estimates against the contract and revisions are made if necessary
  • Generate the Implementation Model from design
  • Generate the Test Model from use cases

We design around business assets and consider how information is consumed by users. This allows greater flexibility in UI development and results in superior experiences for users.

With over two  decades of experience in the IT industry, Insight Consultants has mastered the art of software designing and development. We provides full-cycle software development services for enterprises and technology providers , and enables transformation by adopting modern Agile and DevOps practices for continuous software delivery. Our services are designed to help our clients flourish in their business as well as increase ROI, 

We deliver customized  solutions across the globe for a variety of clients belonging from small to  medium size enterprises.


At Insight, we follow the process of checking the perfection of the product in the development stage, rather than investing in the quality of final product. The unique specialty of our software development services is that we conduct test planning right along with architecture planning. This blended approach has helped us to reduce the number of bugs to the bare minimum at Beta stages and halves time to market.


Our offerings:


      • Custom Software Development
      • Product Development and Maintenance
      • Mobile Application Development
      • Web Application Deveopment
      • Enterprise Solutions
      • Cloud Transformation Services
      • QA Automation Service,


    Our QA services use a smart combination of automated and manual approaches. By taking the best of both worlds, we ensure best product for you!  Our software test automation services offer an accelerated approach to functional testing – flawless results reached with less budgets and time spent.


    Our testing services include


        • Mobile Application Testing
        • Test Automation
        • Smoke Testing
        • Integration Testing
        • End-to-End/System Testing
        • Usability Testing
        • Browser Compatibility Testing
        • Beta Acceptance Testing
        • Exploratory Testing
        • GUI Testing
        • API Testing
        • White Box Testing
        • Back End Testing/ Database Testing
        • Regression Testing
        • Load Testing
        • Performance Testing
        • Cross-browser Testing

Successful installation of a project should not merely satisfy end user expectations, rather it should run efficiently, identify and diagonize performance problems that may appear during system operation. We at Insight Consultants, redefine the customer experience by enhancing the performance and making sure the software results in maximum ROI. 


Our performance optimization service provides evaluation of system performance, analyse evidence of problems, diagnose obstacles and offer solutions. In Security Optimization services, we provide guidance to improve overall security program and strategy, helping to optimize the security implementation


Our Security / Performance Optimization Services:


    • Proactive Software: Software configuration guidance, prioritized case handling, and direct access to experts minimizes business disruption
        • Advanced Support Analytics: Support case analysis, best practice recommendations, and periodic technical reviews improve overall operational performance
            • Eliminate Database Contention: eliminate contentions like database locks, latches and wait events. Data access path, data partitioning, data replication, etc are also taken care
                • Code Optimization: It includes improving the code so that not many loops are involved, and the code is executed outside the loop wherever possible
                    • Data encryption and management: enforces access control and separation of duties while ensuring the privacy of your data—even in a multi-tenant storage area network
                        • Optimization support: Our experts deliver ongoing advice as you develop and validate your security plans, such as those related to architecture, software, and adoption.
                            • Security Operations: We provide a broad range of assessment, program, architecture, and compliance services to help you support secure operations, including security metrics support and engineering support for escalations.
                                • Penetration testing: We identify the vulnerabilities on your internal and external networks that have a clear impact on your business. And we deliver actionable, expert guidance for remediation.
                                    • Cloud Security: Ensure secure operation in cloud and outsourcing scenarios
                                          • Authentication and Single Sign-On: Authenticate users properly – but only as often as really required

Our Difference

Accepts that you may know the problem, but it is our job to provide the solution. Listens to   your problem, analyses root cause(s) for it and suggest multiple solution options with comparisons.

Signs off a prototype of the solution with all the requirements built-in before moving into development.

Builds a strong measurement framework around solution metrics that not only indicate how effectively your problem has been resolved, but also recommends steps to improve them further.

Maintains your solution for consistent enhancements and improvements that directly impact your solution metrics and are perceived as valuable by your customers

Success Stories.

K4 Connect Universal App.

Built a container application using Xamarin, for the client, K4 Connect , which helped its customers to use their existing familiar user interface across all their devices, both mobile and desktop.             Client Overview : K4 Connect is a technology company, based out of Raleigh, NC, provide solutions that serve and […]

Re-designing of Loan Origination Software for Open Road

Re-designing of Loan Origination Application, twice as fast as its previous version,for the Client ‘Open Road’. Client Overview : ‘Open Road’ is a leading Auto re-financing company based out of Dallas/Fort Worth area focuses mainly on  assisting its clients in finding the best auto loan terms for their new or used car purchase or by helping them save money by refinancing […]

Loan Origination & Management system for Leap Credit

Effective deployment of a custom Loan Origination management system for ‘Leap Credit‘,  to effectively handle the credit requirements, re-payment processing and loan documentations of  thousands of loans every month across multiple states in the US. Client Overview :  Leap Credit, LLC is a venture backed, short-term installment lender based out of Atlanta which offers an easy way […]

At Insight Consultants, we do a detailed analysis of each client’s problem more specific to the domain and function.  Combined with a build, deploy and maintenance team that brings state of the art skills in Technology Services, we give solutions that work fast, and work long.